Atlas customer golf scramble

August 20, 2015

On August 13th, Atlas hosted a customer golf scramble. Arranged by our summer engineering intern Cole, the scramble featured mini contests, such as closest shot to the pin or longest drive, to create a fun and friendly competition. Trophies were handed out for the contest winners and to the highest scoring team. The scramble was a great opportunity to get to know customers better while having a blast.


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Culver’s Customer Appreciation

August 17, 2015

Making sure our customers are satisfied with the sheet metal solutions as well as the general business we provide for them is a task we take great pride in. We often like to show our appreciation for our valued customers in various ways.

On Thursday, August 13th, we supplied a valued customer lunch from Culver’s for their office. Lunch was complete with Butter Burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches fresh off the grill with creamy custards with various topping for dessert. With great weather and people, a hamburger eating contest, and bean bag toss, it was a fun day for all! Big thank you to Culver’s for making the delicious grill out and to all that participated.  CulversPhotoLayout

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Welcome, Baxter!

August 6, 2015

A new era of manufacturing has begun. The long-standing idea of robots as caged, complicated and inflexible has given way to a new model of collaboration between workers and machines. Factory automation is no longer reserved for a handful of high-volume industries and applications.   We’ve brought it out of the cage and onto the production floor, working interactively with people throughout the line.

We are creating the super skilled precision sheet metal associate that can think and act in a super human way through integration of lean, automation, and collaborative work. The vision of the future at Atlas is an exciting mix of automation and collaborative assistant robots performing the routine tasks while the super-skilled sheet-metalist conducts the clamor of the machines producing parts. Think of a gold medalist in the Olympics but applied to sheet metal. The best of the best will lead our future with technology deployment.

The future vision is a state where collaborative robots work side by side with the sheet metalist reaching super human productivity levels.

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Fore A Great Cause

August 4, 2015

On July 17th, employees at the Atlas Chippewa Falls branch participated in the Chippewa Falls YMCA’s annual golf tournament.

This great cause raises money to help kids become stronger and healthier. The funds raised go directly towards giving children YMCA memberships. These children will now be able to take swimming lessons, participate in summer camps, and much more.


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