Trumpf Rebuild

April 14, 2023

When Atlas Manufacturing made a shift from turret punch presses to Trumpf technology, the change created a revolution and evolution in punching.  Knowledge of Trumpf punching methodology expanded rapidly to off-line advance tool set-up reduction, Wilson wheel technology, extrude and tap capability, and a plethora of form features and benefits never before realized with turret punches.  A whole new world of punching techniques and capabilities were opened up in front of the Atlas engineers. As business grew, so did the demand for more punching and the purchase of additional Trumpf 5000 punches.

The Trumpf 5000 punch has the speed of a bullet train and the precision of a surgeon. With the automation involving a tower to feed material, automatic sorting and scrap skeleton removal plus full rail automatic tool changing, this is the most flexible high speed punching machine available in the market today.  Over the span of 16 years, Atlas has continually added more machines and tooling to support their complex precision fabrication demands.

These machines are worked hard, day after day, year after year.  As with most mechanical systems, eventually parts wear, break, and require service.  Our 2009 Trumpf 5000 was no exception.  When the punch stopped, Trumpf service was called in to analyze the situation.  The analysis of the problem revealed a catastrophic fault inside the punching head as a result of a keyway failure.  Faced with the uncertain aspect of replace or repair, the decision was made to remove the punch head unit and ship it to Germany for inspection and rebuild.

Here is where the story gets interesting.  Sending a major machine component (really the heart and lungs of the machine) to a location in Europe for repair seemed preposterous to everyone at first.  Our steadfast belief in the technology and the Trumpf organization allowed us the leap of faith to ship the punch head to Germany.  With multiple 5000 machines, we were able to afford the time to have the machine down for an extended period of time.

Shipment notification came!  The punch head had been repaired was en-route back to it’s home in Minneapolis.  Of course fear and doubt about the receipt of the machine part started to creep in.  Will it arrive intact?   Will Trumpf be able to reconstruct assembly?  Once installed, will it actually run? After a suspenseful two days, the machine was up and running like new.  A very successful return after an extended trip to Europe and the machine is back in production.

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Help Josh & His Family with Medical Expenses

June 22, 2021

Here at Atlas, we’re more than just a workplace. We care about every single one of our employees and view each one person as family.  Josh Johnson is a big part of our family.

Josh has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), a slowly progressing and uncommon type of blood-cell cancer.

We are hoping to raise money for Josh and his family who will be paying for the procedures, treatments, and scans out-of-pocket. 

Please join to help Atlas Manufacturing raise money for Josh and his family who needs us now more than ever in this difficult time.


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Congratulations FireBears!

May 14, 2021

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Atlas would like to congratulate the FireBears, a robotics team that was named Chairman’s Award winners at the Upper Midwest Awards show. Atlas is a proud sponsor of the FireBears and we look forwards to the continued growth and success of this organization.

“The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the mission of FIRST. It was created to keep the central focus of FIRST Robotics Competition on the ultimate goal of transforming the culture in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology, as well as encouraging more of today’s youth to become science and technology leaders.

This is the first time that the FireBears have won this award!  The Chairman’s Award represents a whole team effort and an important part of our team is our sponsors.

Thank you to our sponsors for believing in our team and generously supporting our students, our team, our Roseville Area High School and our Roseville area community!”

– Tom Lageson,

Roseville Robotics Lead Mentor

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Happy Birthday Michelle!

April 12, 2021

Atlas would like to wish Michelle Moravec a very Happy 50th Birthday!

She said it is the 30th Anniversary of her 20th Birthday!!!!!


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An Update On Steel From Ryerson

February 3, 2021

How We Got Here

Given demand uncertainty during early COVID lockdowns, domestic steelmakers curbed capacity as manufacturers closed facilities and many service centers reduced inventory. Idling over 50% of domestic production, the domestic supply chain depleted throughout the remainder of 2020 resulting in production challenges, extended lead-times and lean inventories throughout the market today. 

After the lockdowns, factory re-openings and a shift in consumer spending caused a sudden spike in steel demand. With a pent-up need for cars, residential construction, appliances, equipment and machinery, steel supply has become very tight across the domestic and global market. Steelmakers slowly restarted some of the idled production, however orders outpaced supply, setting the stage for the current market conditions. 

The Industry Today

We are currently in an unprecedented flat rolled steel market. Demand is recovering, supply is still tight, and pricing has hit all-time highs (since 2008). Residential construction has been a key driver to demand recovery, backed by low mortgage rates and the change in people’s lifestyles.  Domestic production is starting to recover, but continues to lag behind pre-pandemic levels.  

Compounding the supply issue is new leadership across the landscape whose priorities may differ from those of the past. As these mills are looking to better manage their order book, lead times are extending, spot availability is close to non-existent, and contracts are on allocation. Increasing raw material costs with limited imports has led to prices climbing at an accelerated rate over the last few months.   

Our Outlook 

The United States has the highest cash in circulation since World War II. That money is expected to be spent as COVID fades. Historically, pent up cash has led to economic booms. If the pattern holds, and we expect it will, demand for steel intensive goods will remain high. As consumer spending returns, vaccinations accelerate, and states continue to reopen, GDP forecasts for 2021 have been revised upwards from 4.5% to 5%.

Those who have been in the steel industry are familiar with managing various market cycles, however this one feels different. Fundamental shifts to the supply side will most likely result in changes for the foreseeable future. There is new leadership at major domestic mills, a renewed focus on longer term value, and further consolidation and rationalization of integrated production as new mini mills come online. 

Things to Watch For

  • Mill lead times remaining extended and inquire only
  • Changing supply landscape
  • Policy decisions by the new administration impacting trade, production and demand
  • Post-COVID demand recovery
  • The influence of China on the global market
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Six Consecutive Years of Tee It Up for the Troops

August 12, 2020

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the green as Atlas sponsored it’s Sixth Consecutive Year of the Tee It Up for the Troops. We’re thankful for those that have served, are serving, and will be serving this country.

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Award for Sponsoring Tee It Up for the Troops

January 29, 2020

We were honored to receive an award from Bill Rouleau of Tee It Up for the Troops in recognition of sponsoring their events for the last 5 years.

Paul (left) served 13 years in the United States Marine Corps from 2001 to 2014. Paul served as a Combat Engineer in four overseas deployments to Iraq and Africa. Paul has worked for Atlas since 2015 and currently is the Facilities and Maintenance Manager.

Chris (right) served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps 2004 to 2008. Chris served as an Infantry Machine Gunner and deployed once to Ramadi, Iraq. Chris has worked for Atlas since 2018 and currently is the Maintenance Mechanic.

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Looking Back on the Fabricating Business

January 10, 2020

We were thrilled to see our President Mark Engel featured in the January 2020 edition of the Fabricator Magazine. He was interviewed on how he got started, and what technologies made an impact for him, and for Atlas. Check it out by clicking on the Fabricator logo below.

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Sports for Special Kids

October 14, 2019

On Monday October 7th, we participated in the 2019 Sports for Special Kids Golf Tournament in Raleigh, NC. This was the 15th annual event that benefits Sports for Special Kids, a charity that helps special needs children experience sports with the eventual goal of creating a facility designed just for them. In addition to a great time golfing, guests enjoyed breakfast and lunch, drinks, and other festivities all for a great cause! We are happy to support charities that benefit those in our community.

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2019 ECASD Border Battle Golf Scramble

On Thursday October 3rd, we participated in the 2019 Border Battle Golf Scramble. While this event provided a fun activity for us, it also helped to benefit our community. All proceeds from the scramble went towards benefiting ECASD (Eau Claire Area School District) homeless students. During the past school year, 311 students found themselves in a homeless situation. This program provides support for uninterrupted education while students are experiencing homelessness. Thank you to all who helped put on this fantastic event!

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