Custom Enclosures

Atlas manufactures custom enclosures for products when “standard off the shelf” solutions won’t due. Developing enclosures that are unique and adhere to specific requirements requires an in-depth knowledge of enclosure parameters, which is exactly what Atlas can offer. We can create custom enclosures out of sheet metal to suit your specific project needs while also remaining a cost effective solutions provider for your business.

Closures, pulls, latches, hinges, and fasteners all play a critical role in the design of custom enclosures. Atlas utilizes unique punch-forming tooling to create each piece of the enclosure and joins the elements by using specialized hinge form tooling, snap-lock features, or shovel lance form over or twist features. These techniques and tools work together to lower costs and improve design elements. In addition, cost-effective solutions are designed through collaborative feature enhancements that replace conventional sheet and weld methods.

All custom enclosures produced by Atlas are designed for functionality. We ensure that each enclosure’s joints and seam designs are to the specifications needed and that its fit and alignment are in line. In addition, each custom enclosure is finished with a corrosion application to ensure that it continues to perform optimally for years to come.

By using best in class technology and a highly trained workforce, Atlas has the ability to create custom enclosures to meet or exceed your requirements. By leveraging cost-effective solutions, our services will fit your budget as well.

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