Custom Metal Fabrication

Innovation through value engineering is a core value at Atlas. No custom metal fabrication project is beyond reach with our extensive network of complimentary services and in-depth knowledge of customer design solutions. We serve clients throughout the United States and have worked on projects in nearly every market, including medical, commercial, industrial, computer and telecommunications to name a few. We are confident that we can take on nearly any project, and we guarantee ingenuity and excellent craftsmanship.

Cost efficiency is important to every business, which is why we work with clients to provide affordable custom metal fabrication services. For example, where an extrusion may be more cost effective than a weldment, we will develop alternatives in collaboration with our customer and suppliers. Conversely, machined elements may be replaced with simple fabricated components to lower costs. We will work with each client to ensure that they receive the most cost efficient services without compromising quality.

Our customer solutions are not limited to sheet metal and reach far into the supply chain. Our design team augments our customers’ engineering teams and focuses on the complete fabrication solution, providing the OEM with a broad reach of alternatives. From SolidWorks to ProE models, our design team handles all custom metal fabrications from the beginning developmental stages to the completed products.

We pride ourselves in providing custom metal fabrication services to meet each client’s specific needs. Call us today at (612) 331-2566 to discuss your custom metal fabrication project, or request a quote online.