Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

What’s so hard about building custom sheet metal boxes? Not much when you use a Salvagninni Performer CNC bender to create them. That’s our secret to creating custom product solutions at Atlas. This bender automatically forms the box while the trained operator performs the balance of feature installations such as corner riveting and hardware insertion.

TheSalvagninni Performer CNC bender allows our operators to identify any process variations immediately so that corrections can be made before defects are reproduced. By minimizing flaws, Atlas is able to keep production costs down, which saves your business money.

While the Salvagninni Performer CNC bender is cost efficient, it is also five times faster than the speed of using conventional press brake forming, which allows us to finish your custom sheet metal boxes in a shorter amount of time. By combining efficiency with cost effectiveness, Atlas is able to provide custom sheet metal boxes at lower costs and shorter turnaround times to serve both clients’ budgets and time restraints.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, we are committed to providing quality services and products. We take pride in each of our projects and ensure that each one is given the greatest level of attention and care. To learn more about our commitment to quality or our custom sheet metal boxes, please give us a call today at (612) 331-2566.