Custom Sheet Metal Engineering

When selecting a fabricator to take your product from print to production, choose a partner that will add value beyond simply meeting specifications. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Atlas also provides Custom Sheet Metal Engineering services to ensure Design for Manufacturability objectives have been met.

Atlas has provided Custom Sheet Metal Engineering to clients for over 20 years, designing custom enclosures, racks, cabinets and products for a wide range of industries and applications. Our designers are very experienced in the sheet metal craft. Working from a 3D CAD model, our designers can develop entire sheet metal part files including all the necessary drawings and documentation to support the production build. For example, using the component CAD files from a printed circuit board, a V8 engine or machined casting, our team can design the precise enclosure to satisfy the specified configuration.

Many of our clients rely on our experienced CAD engineers to satisfy their engineering documentation requirements. By allowing Atlas’ designers the freedom to design and draw the part files, we can design to attributes such as bend reliefs, hole placement near forms, stretch and shrink of the base material through processing, and fit-up tolerance requirements. In addition, once the parts are drawn, the ideal sheet size and part nest for flat processing is automatically generated using TruTops or Radan nesting software, ensuring best part fit for minimized sheet scrap and ultimately reducing the cost of your BOM.
For more information on how Atlas can provide custom sheet metal engineering services for your product, give us a call today at (612)331-2566.