Custom Store Fixtures

Brand awareness with a sharply executed permanent retail display drives product sales. That’s why leading retail display companies come to Atlas for their creative metal solution. Brand awareness is critical for drawing store traffic and creating a visual experience that can be associated with a brand. At Atlas, we have a long list of expertise that includes creating custom fixtures, and our engineers can create a limitless variety of displays, tables, and other fixtures to suit your needs. Atlas rapidly takes a concept and produces a prototype for your evaluation. Our ability to go from a napkin sketch, to prototype, to production of your custom store fixture in a short period of time will get brand recognition ahead of the competition. Retailers are in a fight for market share with on-line sales and creating brand awareness that appeals to the shopper draws attention and mind share. We shape the metal behind the brand.


Working closely with the fixture provider, Atlas becomes the extension of creativity through metal. Our creative sheet metal solutions can be complemented by our wide array of finishing services. Some of these finishing services include brushed chrome, colored anodizing, stainless steel, screen printing, graphic wraps, or creative in-house powder coat solutions, which can all be used to enhance the durability and beauty of the store fixture.

When choosing Atlas for your custom store fixtures, you are provided with an engineering staff that has expertise in designing, fabricating, and extraordinary attention to detail. Our superb quality and customer service allows us to be your sole partner for custom store fixtures, not just a supplier. Innovation and affordability are important aspects of creating custom store fixtures. At Atlas, we’re experts in creating best-in-class designs that are also cost efficient. We’ll work with you to create truly unique fixtures while working within your budget by removing unneeded costs from the project. For example, we substituted a custom display fixture’s tubular weldment design for a sheet metal and tube hybrid design, which eliminated 32 inches of weld from the manufacturing process and reduced overall costs.

Want to see our work? Walk through Hy-Vee, Whole Foods, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Sephora, Champs Sports, Target, and many other leading retailers. We’re shaping the metal behind the brand and have become the go to fabricator of choice for all leading custom store fixture providers.

Call Atlas today at (612) 331-2566 or email us at to start designing your custom store fixtures and establishing a consistent, unique consumer experience.