Electrical Enclosure Manufacturers

Atlas is an Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer that meets OEM’s needs for highly customized requirements. When standard, off the shelf electrical enclosures will not do, we will work with your engineering staff to meet all code and functional requirements for your project.

Need your electrical enclosure to have unique dimensions, accessories, or finishes? Not a problem! Whether high volume or low volume and high mix, Atlas’ team of engineers will work with you to ensure that all of the unique requirements for your electrical enclosure are met.

We use laser cutting, punching and automated bending equipment to create custom electrical enclosures, which allows us to create them quickly and with excellent precision. Our certification as an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer ensures that you will get the right parts every time.

Whatever your electrical enclosure needs, Atlas is here to help. See why Atlas is considered one of the most trusted and reliable electrical enclosure manufacturers in the industry by giving us a call today at (612) 331-2566.