Industrial & Equipment Enclosures

Industrial enclosures are an essential element surrounding OEM equipment. Equipment enclosures attenuate sound, mitigate heat and protect both equipment and operators against airborne contaminants, high voltage and other risks and exposures. Our OEM customers rely on Atlas engineers to design and develop Industrial and equipment enclosures that meet functional requirements and specifications while providing exceptional fabrication services.

When Atlas fabricates an Industrial enclosure for your product, we recognize that it is an extension of your brand. Each unique application for equipment enclosures requires intense value engineering for cost and functionality while integrating the necessary aesthetics. Atlas will provide an aesthetically attractive enclosure that is cosmetically finished and delivered without a blemish.

You will be nothing less than satisfied when you choose Atlas to provide your enclosures. Our products are created by the best craftspeople in the industry using the best tools on the market. Yet as important as quality artistry is to us, so is affordability. Through expertly created and carefully integrated designs, our engineers are able to create affordable equipment enclosures to fit your budget.

For more information on our industrial enclosures, give us a call today at (612) 331-2566 or request a quote online.