Kiosk Manufacturers

Atlas is the company of choice for kiosk fabrication. We produce niche kiosk displays that will meet your functional requirements while expressing your brand. From initial design through production and integration, our experienced design and fabrication engineers create unique and functional kiosks and can manufacture any kiosk concept involving metal.

Kiosk Manufacturer

Our clients often arrive at Atlas with a design in mind. When presented with client ideas we make it a priority to be flexible with design and feature development. Our clients tell us that this is what separates Atlas from the competition. Designing and building unique custom kiosk enclosures takes creativity and attention to detail to ensure that component placement for use and service are carefully positioned. Our engineering team can value engineer and improve current manufactured kiosk designs or develop a complete solution from a sketch or wood mock-up. Our customers provide all the electronics and our design team creates the metal that wraps it all together in a visually stimulating display.

The material selection, visual aesthetics, and the touch and feel of the kiosk are often the most important features, yet commonly glossed over. We consult with a lengthy attribute session to fully grasp the intangible “feel” that our customer is looking for. The kiosk floor position, touch height, tip-over force, security protection, and durability are all considerations when preparing the design.

Kiosks need to be durable and attractive to draw consumers to your product. Visual appearance and ease of use are critical. Using Pro-Engineer and Solidworks paired with knowledgeable and talented engineers, Atlas is able to create cutting edge kiosk designs specific to the needs of each client. We can create standalone or integrated kiosk systems, and we have plenty of experience doing so.

What sets us apart is our attention to detail. Atlas engineers carefully analyze and develop structural, functional and user-interface specifications to ensure that every aspect of the kiosk delivers exceptional results. As the project moves into the production stage, it is inspected at each step of the process for quality assurance and flawless workmanship. It’s a design and manufacturing process you can trust to provide quality, reliable kiosks every time. Our business is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can be sure that you receive the highest quality service when you work with us. Whatever your needs, Atlas can create a custom kiosk for you that fits each of your specifications.

Let Atlas design and fabricate your kiosk. We shape the metal behind the brand.

For more information on Atlas’ kiosk manufacturing services or to learn more about what kind of kiosk options we can provide for you, request a quote online today.