Atlas Manufacturing is a vertically integrated sheet metal fabricator capable of meeting all your manufacturing requirements, including custom laser cutting services.

Our L3 Fiber Laser generates a high power density laser beam which allows high speed cutting on medium and thin metals, without sacrificing high quality when cutting thicker material. In addition, we are now able to cut Red Metals – including; Brass, Copper and Bronze.

In addition to exceptional equipment and automation, the team at Atlas Manufacturing is second to none. As a precision sheet metal fabricator, we put the needs of our customers first. We know that you want exceptionally high quality product for your brand. Our custom laser cutting services are trusted by some of the biggest industry brands to provide industrial products, high compute server hardware, power generation and other products where there is no room for error. Our equipment combined with the creativity and know-how of our team allows us to distinguish our customers from their competitors.

Atlas is a full-service sheet metal fabrication company that will also assemble your final product. We care about our customers and will customize our assembly cell to fit your unique laser cutting requirements. Your supply chain is simplified through the range of production processes and assembly services that we offer.

For more information on our custom laser cutting services, email us at or fill out the form below.