Since 1962, the Atlas foundation has been, “how we do anything is how we do everything”. From the beginning of the customer interface when a quote is requested, our sales engineers look for best fit with either of our plants before the quote begins. The quote is meticulously prepared in our ERP, carefully selecting the correct sheet size for efficient part yield, technically using the proper fabrication resources for each operation, and painstakingly inputting each and every outside service and purchased part before imploding costs at different quantities. We don’t guess at anything in our facilities.
Parts are produced on the best in class fabrication equipment available. We are constantly upgrading and innovating production methods for improved speed and lower cost.
We don’t have an inspection department but we have 85 inspectors that build in quality rather than inspect poor quality. We have engineers with multiple discipline degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering. Our process improvement engineer looks to eliminate defects through standard work and on the floor communication with the machine operators. We have a flat management structure with engaged leaders. Standard work clearly spells out with pictures and text how parts are assembled and what show surfaces are customer critical. Smart people engaged in the details is how we do everything.
Each and every part we produce is meticulously fabricated. We utilize very efficient, Trumpf laser and punch systems integrated into a 39 shelf material handling system for 24 x 7 operation. Our facilities operate 7 days a week with a combined 5 production shifts within both facilities each week. Where customer needs dictate, we are very skilled at Vendor Managed Inventory at their site, KanBan pulls, or discrete shipments. Our boutique monorail powder coat facility is designed to run two colors simultaneously and each load bar can support 500 pounds of work in process. Our experienced assembly team assembles complex arrays of components and we routinely assemble customer supplied components along with a myriad of purchased components; all resulting in a value driven assembly delivered in our trucks directly to our customers dock.
We have a strong balance sheet and positive cash-flow. We set goals for all of our employees, not rules, and then share the rewards. Our employees understand an income statement and they know how their work translates to the bottom line. Our open book management style encourages idea sharing and best practices resulting in a collaborative optimal customer outcome. We carefully select customers that align with our philosophies to ensure that our values are compatible with theirs.