Sheet Metal Forming

At Atlas Manufacturing, we take pride in our sheet metal forming processes. We make superior parts and products with our best-in-class equipment and knowledgeable employees to meet and exceed your manufacturing needs. Taking a two dimensional flat blank into a three dimensional shape is a craft, even with the most sophisticated bending machine tools.  We are Atlas and we shape the metal behind your brand.

Our team executes broad product deployment from cad models or detailed design documents. We are vertically integrated providing everything from when a flat blank of material arrives from the material service center all the way through metal forming, welding, powder coating and assembly. We take great pride in completing our projects with efficiency and effectiveness. At Atlas, we have the passion, history and experience with sheet metal forming, press brake forming and panel bending that our clients rely on us for. Our employees are focused on responsiveness and engineering from concept all the way through production.

At Atlas, our highly skilled employees are complemented by our superior equipment capacities. Our Trumpf punching capabilities offer active die, brush table automation for scratch free part production and 24 x7 unattended production for large volume.  Our panel bending capabilities are just as effective. Our panel bender operates at 5x the speed of conventional press brake forming and allows unique curved surface bending.

Atlas is an industry leader in sheet metal forming, press brake forming and panel bending for custom products that surpass your manufacturing needs. We are the preferred manufacturing partner for many permanent fixture producers by using our sheet metal forming capabilities and are your one-stop-shop for shaping the metal behind your brand.

Below is a list of the materials and drawing formats we use for our sheet metal forming projects:

Materials Used:
• Steel
• Prepaint
• Galvanized Steel
• Galvanneal
• Hot & Cold Rolled Steel
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel, 2B, #4 finish
Preferred Drawing Formats:
• SolidWorks
• ProEngineer