Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Atlas Manufacturing is an industry leader in stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, particularly in the restaurant food prep, storage and delivery industries. Our customer service and delivery teams recognize that in this industry orders fluctuate, product life cycles are short, and pricing is critical. We’ve helped other clients achieve success and we can do the same for you!

Atlas works closely with the food grade industry to manufacture precision stainless steel products. At the core of these products are stainless steel weldments and assemblies that Atlas takes pride in.

Our stainless steel sheet metal fabrication applications include:
• Refrigerator doors
• Freezer lids
• Chef base drawer fronts
• Cold side food cabinetry
• Cold beverage dispensing cabinets
• Display Cases
• Shelving and Tables

In addition to our stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, Atlas has developed a complete production cell including expanding foam insulation by implementing Dow’s DELTA THERM™ Eliminator Dispensing system. This helps us deliver “high performance polyurethane insulation foam” while keeping costs low. Our complete production cell also includes fixturing to make complete product component assemblies. Atlas’ engineering and project management team have been the recipe for our customer’s success by our technical expertise for a successful product launch. Each business day, deliveries arrive at our customer’s production facility for assembly on the finished product.

Atlas takes pride in delivering precision fabricated solutions that shape the metal behind your brand. To learn more about our stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, call us today at (612) 331-2566 or email us at