Vision, Mission & Values

This is our compass. It is a graphic that displays the collective ambition of Atlas Manufacturing. Our collective ambition is a very clear and concise summary of how our leaders and employees think about why the company exists, what we want to accomplish, and how we will achieve those accomplishments. It also describes our fundamental promise to our customers, which is our brand promise.


    We deliver precision fabricated solutions that shape the metal behind your brand.


    Be responsive. Be innovative. Be an organization that matters to our customers, employees, and community.


    Transform our Bending Areas, Continue Digital Transformation, Enhance our Work Environment, Community Involvement, Business Expansion.


  • Opportunistic
  • Flexibile


    Complex fabricated metal sourcing: simplified.

It is difficult to stress how important it is for a team to understand the purpose behind what they are doing. Understanding the purpose or reason can change how we think and how we feel about things. It can change how motivated we are to be involved. Our team’s shared sense of purpose makes Atlas stronger and more successful.