Welding Services

Atlas offers a wide variety of welding services varying from TIG to Robotic Welding. We have the tools and experience to tackle the toughest sheet metal welding projects where the forming and tolerances are critical. Our operator engagement and value stream flow ensure that the parts come together in perfect alignment for welding.

Our welding services feature the most up-to-date technology which allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality product. When using Fronius Digital Control Technology, our aluminum MIG system takes the operator out of the process and places the machine in control. Each and every weld has the appearance of stacked nickels, to ensure the strongest weldment.

At Atlas, our highly skilled employees are complemented with our superior welding equipment. Our first-class robotic welding capabilities were first introduced in 2000 and we have been using this technology ever since. We use value stream mapping to ensure that parts arrive to our welding robot which means continuous product flow. With faster machine movement capabilities, the robot is precise and accurate every time without needing a skilled welder to load and unload the machine. This translates directly into a lower cost weldment for our customers.

We value and emphasize precision, efficiency, top quality, and reduced transaction costs. By appealing to multiple industries, we employ an unparalleled manufacturing process to meet all of your specific requirements. We also work with various assembly partners, which enables us to provide extra services related to knitting, packaging, labeling products, and more.

Additional welding services and strategies that we provide are MIG & TIG welding, metal joining, spot welding, laser and shear cutting, and even more. We care about your specific product requirements, and our custom sheet metal fabrication processes allow us to transform flat metal sheet stock into mass customized OEM products. Our qualified staff and precise machine equipment guarantees your custom product will be complete.

Atlas also offers assembly support, logistics support, and cosmetic finishing services along with our other manufacturing capabilities.

For more information on our welding services, email us at sales@atlasmfg.com.